Best PoE security cameras for 2022?

So my house is on a sharp corner, and in the middle of the night someone hit my roommate’s car and ran off. Coincidentally I’m building out a wired ethernet home network with some cat 6A and I have easy access to the roof and eaves. Does anyone have any recommendations on security cameras that support POE and ideally are relatively open with no subscriptions?

Thanks all!

Do you have a home NAS / Server to run a backend for it?

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Yep, nothing super fancy but I’ve got plenty of storage.

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Then honestly w/e fits your bill. Put them on a private vlan with no internet access and spin up a zomeminder or something to manage them all.


I really like Dahua and Hikvision for the price/feature set. BUT if you dont care about on camera processing Reolink offers good optics for low cost.


Annke NC400 and NC800.
they have great clarity and full color nightvision which makes nighttime shots actually legible. I would say the expensive NC800 option for looking at a street that you actually want to be able to read a license plate with and have facial detail, NC400’s for looking at the sidewalks and stuff right by your house.
Or the CZ400 if you want to zoom in closer to the street right around the car


I’m way late to the party on this one. But I recently bought and renovated a home. routed 2 ethernet cables for WAP’s. My wife really wants to put in a security camera. I am thinking of splitting ceiling mount position to power the WAP and a security Camera. I would also like to tie in a doorbell camera.

I have no switch or router yet, but I was planning on going with TP-Link Omada SDN enabled.

I would like to get a camera and doorbell camera recommendation. The door bell would need to be wifi.