Best PC upgrade for <300?

So for Christmas I got 300 bucks, and was thinking of upgrading my pc. I wanna play every game max 1080p. I have an I3 7850 1gb and I can still play high with 45-60fps. I I'm considering

-ssd (something like an 840 evo 120gb)

-New graphics card (preferably amd, r9 270x - r9 280x)

-I7 4770k+asus impact mobo (lol my mom said she might give me extra money for free if I was upgrading to an I7)


Is an ssd that worth it?

Is the r9 270x enough to max for at least a year 60 fps? 4gb version worth it?

Any reason to go with the I7 4770k? If I get that, I'd have to loan money so I could also get a new mitx case(node 304) and/or ssd so I can reinstall windows on that too.

i5 4570 or 4670 and 4670k and R9 270X would be a good upgrade.

I5 4570 is same as 4670 just so you know..

If you could answer my questions... and btw no ssd?

-Ssd is worth it

-Nope hardly and 4gb is useless

There is no reason to get a 4770K, you buy an I7 to get hyper threading and that's not relevant in gaming. I would get a 280x if you could get one for a good price. I would get a 760 over a 270x and the 4gb version's of those cards are pointless. You'd get a 4gb card to run 1440p or higher displays and the 760 or 270x are not good high res cards. Get a 2gb 760 if you can't find a 280x at a good price, but if you can (may be impossible) grab it quick. I wouldn't get an SSD unless you really want windows to fly. Other wise getting a better CPU or GPU is the better option. 

1+ nothing to add.

So which upgrades should I get? I can't get all 3 with 300 -_-

I could also get 2 more monitors for 200, borrow another 100, and get an r9 270x 4gb :D lol and btw is the 760 worth it really for 50 more?

Just checked and r9 280x are overpriced to 400 near me. :c



can somebody just help me -_-

Woah, buddy, it's only been an hour.

I'd suggest getting an i5 and a GPU like the R9 270.

You can always go for the cheaper i5s if you want.  The R9 270 has pretty much the same performance as the R9 270X.

sorry i was just so eggar XD

i dont think r9 270 can max bf4 ultra 1080p 60fps


probablly not. I have a R9 280x and i can get 60 FPS ultra 1080p though just barley. i would assume you could play high 1080p 60 FPS with a 270.


Really i would look for a 280x to drop down in price (i got mine for 300$ but then that same model got BF4 included in it and they charge 100$ more)

so...... what should i get ;D


Still going to stand by a CPU upgrade along with a GPU upgrade.