Best PC game for $10!

I need a new game something with a really fun experience. I don't care the genre as long as it's for PC and under $10...I'm going to buy one in one hour and I need help!


Half-Life 2 Hands down

I've played it but I defiantly agree with you! 


I recommend Faster Than Light and Garry's Mod.


second on terraria, or bunny must die, i seen it and i'm in need of a gunnie pig

edit: they bleed pixels... it seems almost all of my games that i thought were cheap were on awesome sales

Haha i already have all of these! Sorry but thanks anyway!

fallout 3 just go and buy it now!

Definitely Fallout 3 or New Vegas.

As of posting this comment, has a big strategy special promo. The highest price in that promo is $3.99