Best Pc case of all time?

Im currently looking at rehousing my pc and I've come across some beast looking cases but whats everyones favourite? I like anything from Bitfenix Prodigy M to the Thearmaltake Level 10 Snow edition. But this was really to ask what your favourites are?

I love my new Corsair Carbide Air 540. Its the most amazing case I've ever used.

SNES=master race

I love the Corsair 350D

I second this(using the case atm).

Well I love my nzxt guardian 921b( had to mod it a bit.)

All good entries but best ever? not sure

Definitely not the best but my nzxt phanton is hella sexy. 

I like the Corsair 650D

There will never be a "Best case ever" since its all about opinion.

The Ubuntu Edge, cause it had an 8core cpu, 128gb hd, 8gb ram etc. inside a mobile. It's not for gaming, sure, but it's damn impressive in my opinion.

  But...But....That's not a case.:/ lol

I know theres never gona be a full winner but its not quite the roaylaty of cases, because we can agree a set of "the best" cases out!! And yeah the ubuntu isnt a case...


Best PC case(s)?

To name a few,

  • Anything by Case Labs
  • LD V8 and V7
  • Silverstone TJ07 and TJ11
  • The MurderMod variant of the TJ07
  • Higher-end Mountain Mods, but the line is fine, depending on how you customize it
  • Corsair 900D,not the 800D or 650D
  • Lian Li PC-CK101L

Never forget the: Fractal Design Arc Midi r2 


Absolutely lovely case at such an impressive price. 

My favorite will have to be Cooler Master's Storm Sniper Black. Pretty outdated but it is huge for a mid-tower which I like and it's all black.

Bitfenix Prodigy







If I am honest, I quite like that case.