Best OS for worldwide access server


I'm want to build a home server for myself out of my old pc (AMD FX4100 16gb of Kingston genesis ram and 2x 650ti boost). I thought about freenas but I'm unsure if I can access this world wide. I want to be able to store files on it and back up my PC.

Also is it possible to store games on a server and run them on my PC or do I need different hardware/setup for that!


FreeNAS will work just fine. To access it you can ether just know your external IP or set up a DNS service such as NO-IP. And have your router forward the service ports to the FreeNAS machine. And on the Desktop PC you can use what ever methods of file transfer you setup in FreeNAS to move the files over be it SFTP or SMB or what ever other sharing service.

Security note: If you do use any default service ports be sure to have strong security. For example having auto ip ban after so many failed login attempts and use a very strong passphrase since it will be available to the web for bot scanners. My NAS bans several ips every hour because i use the default port for my sftp.

as for games on external machine most of the time this doesn't work as far as i know. maybe with a mapped network drive but i think performance would be bad.(this is just a guess)

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Ah thanks! I didn't think the games would work but it isn't a problem. I only asked because the video wasn't really clear on the matter.

Please note: FreeNAS without ECC RAM does not protect you against bit-rot.