Best options for R510

I have an R510 with 2X X5650’s and 64Gb of ram. I want to use it for truenas, but I’d like it to be able to do other things as well.

Should I set up a VM environment for truenas and potentially ubuntu? What would be best to use> I’m absolutely unknowledgeable in all of this and I just got things cleaned up enough to just set shit up and be done with it.

Thanks for any info

11th gen Dells seem to run both ESXI 6.7 and Proxmox just fine. My first rack server ran ESXi 6.5 with a FreeNAS VM. I just passed through an HBA and it ran just fine. A lot has changed though. The hypervisor I mainly use now is Proxmox.

There are many options out there and not many bad ones. The only limitation I can think of might be ESXI 7. VMware likes to dick people over and refuse to install if the CPU is deemed too old. I can’t say for sure if version 7 will install on a system with westmere CPUs.

Though I haven’t played around with TrueNAS scale, being Debian based, and if it is still using KVM, that also could be a good all in one candidate.

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I’d setup your storage serveras a vm. Really doesn’t matter what hypervisor your choose.