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Best option to add more sata ports to my board

Just looking for something thats not a pile of garbage any insight would be helpful. Just using windows storage spaces. Need 8 additional ports.

something like this?

Yeah i seen a few of those on amazon the only reservation i have about that is it says pcie 2.0 x8. Would that even be enough bandwidth for 8 3.5 inch drives?

Fast HDDs at average 200 MB/s x 8 is only 1.6 GB/s which should easily fit into that PCIe bandwidth.

If you need 8 SSDs better look into high end SAS controllers.


Perfect ill pick one up and put upgrade the plex server thanks for the help guys!

This might be overkill for your purposes, but I like these for their storage management offload capabilities:


If you have the space, you could use 2x 4-port cards for more bandwidth and better compatibility. Most cheap SATA controllers are made by Asmedia and Marvell, the latter being better.

Those 8-port Syba cards use a Marvell 9235 controller coupled with a Marvell 9705 port multiplier. Bandwidth limitations aside, it can be finicky to set up and run.

2x 4-port cards would give more bandwidth and potentially save you some headaches by taking the port multiplier out of the equation.

And put a better heatsink and/or a fan on whatever you get, those small passive heatsinks will NOT last long under heavy load (I had 2 fried controllers before I wisened up).

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Ok ive got plently of pcie the only device plugged in is a 1080 and i can throw a fan overtop of the controllers as the system in on a lian li testbench. Thanks for the input.
And welcome to the forum!!

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I went with an actual raid controller so i can run my 7 4tb drives in a raid 6 instead of windows storage spaces weird raid 5. In the proccess of moving all my data to a seperate pc so i can wipe the 4tb drives and start fresh. Thanks for the input guys.
Ohh this is what i went with

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Nice! I have a similar one, great choice.

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