Best option for triple boot?

Hey all,

Considering there's no general discussion type thing for OS' as a whole, I'll chuck this here as Win 7 will be my main OS. Mods, please move it to a more suitable thread if needed.

I'm wanting to dabble with a bit of Linux and would very much like to have a triple boot setup of Win 7, Ubuntu and Backtrack 5.

I have a 320GB HDD installed into my Lenovo x230t.

Which would be the best order as such for installing all these OS'?

Which bootloaders do you reccommend?

Anything else you that you think is viable?



with only one 320 gig drive i assume you know you will need to do some serious data management so i'll skip that.

Install windows first because it will erase any other bootloader you have installed.

Backtrack i've never used so i'm sorry i can't tell you anything about that.

Ubuntu in my experience has a bootloader to load most os's so install that last i'd say unless someone has any info for us on back track 5

Just install like rollymaster said... 

Windows 7 first and then ubuntu and Backtrack.. Backtrack is linux so GRUB will handle with all that..

if you would use windows 8, then windows boot manager would handle it also..

If in the end somethings isnt showing up just use command to update grub.. grub-update or grub-install .. 


Yeah, I'm aware that the HDD is small. I'll be getting something bigger, maybe 512 SSD in a month or two.

I'm mainly wanting to learn Linux for a rendering option for Autodesk Maya and BackTrack because I just want to have a go at it.

Thanks guys.

By chance do you have any decent links on procedures for such a feat, just anything I need to download for each OS or whatnot. Much appreciated.

What are your thoughts on this? then add Backtrak to it through Ubuntu...

I tried that didn't work.

Just grab the iso and toss it on a usb.

For ubuntu just go to the ubuntu site and download it. backtrack pretty much the same.

If you want a windows 7 iso you can make one from the cd or just download one from some 'reputable' sites.

Ah, nice. Cheers.

Yeah, already downloaded the .iso of each.

Actually own Win 7, came with the laptop... But may be looking for a 'reputable' Win 8 soon...

What tools/updates as such would I need to get for Ubuntu and Backtrack to run smoothly? Kinda like the Windoes Update thing, does Upuntu/Backtrack have anything semi-like that, or mainly sudo prompts?

ubuntu does it'll bug you when needed. backtrack no clue. i downloaded backtrack and it was a command line only so keep that in mind.

Sweet as. Thanks.