Best old GPU for skyrim/old games

Looking at building a sort of budget gaming PC for me and my flat mates to leave in the lounge. Most likely going to be running old school games through a 1080p tv (semi cringe) with a controller(full cringe). With the most intensive games being skyrim and fallout 3. Is it best to go for an older high end GPU or get a lower end new GPU. Not super clued up on best GPUs of the last few years so a few suggestions of some older cards would be great.

6970, 7850, 7870, 7950, 270, 270x, 280 --- and above AMD
580 (3gb), 660, 670, 680, 760, and above nvidia.
All depends how much you wanna spend - just beware of ex-mining gpus when buying 2nd hand amd.
If it were me and set a budget of say $60 I'd look for a nice gtx660.

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Cheers, thats exactly the sort of reply I was after!

I bought a GTX 670 2nd and I love it. I would say try to get 2gb vram for skyrim mods.

Depending on how much you have to spend from AMD a 285, 280, 280x, the 7870/280, and the 7950/280x respectively are nearly the same cards. Any of these will do a good job and will max out most of the games you mentioned at 1080p A 290, or 290x will do even better and there are many good deals floating around on them. For the green team a 960, 780, or 780Ti will do you fine; though because the 780's are sought after for their strong compute ability they are harder to find. If you want to mod Skyrim and Fallout you will really need the extra Vram so a 280 or better would be ideal.

My vote goes to the 7870. Its still an epic card even though I'm using it in an overpowered rig :). Skyrim runs great, Fallout 3 is awesome with mods, Payday 2 even runs fantastically.

agreed the 7870 is great for 1080P it has the Vram and the horsepower and it overclocks so well that it often ends up evening out with the 7950/280x

Yup. I have the HIS version and it handles over locks amazingly. I think I got 1450 on the RAM and around 1200 on the core... I can't remember the core but I do know I could've gone further with the Ram.

Looks like the 7870 is going to tick all the boxes. Cheers guys, now the 2nd hand trawl begins lol

You can get a gtx750 or 750ti fairly cheap depending on where you live of if you can get one slightly used

Tend to pay a premium for green team cards in newzealand, but I'll keep an eye out