Best office chairs

whats is the best office chair under $500 USD I want it to last years

Steel case or nothing. Screw this dxracer crap.


Get a used high quality chair. It might not be a looker but you wont regret getting old quality over new shit. Around 500$ could get you a fairly nice looking used 'Herman Miller - Aeron' office chair. I own one and It is hands down the best office chair I ever owned. But it is also one of those things that divides people down the middle and they either passionately love or hate it, so try before buy.

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I know @wendell swears by his steel series, but he also recommends some chair from Herman Miller... might be the Aeron but I'm not sure.

Cannot be said enough when talking about chairs. Everyone is different, find the one that fits you best in your price range.

Precisely that and also the Aeron comes in different sizes and it is important to get the size that matches your body. Wendell have send some love Aerons way in other office chair threads.

Here is another option:

You could also build a custom chair based on a used car seat like this:

It would probably end up costing less and be a very unique, comfortable, and durable option.

Example I found online:

Just another thought.


can you send me a link to a good one in the budget?

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Huh, now that I'm looking at them DXR is cheaper lol

Wendell did mention to but them used from businesses that are going under or upgrading.

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If I could find an old green leather driver's seat... make my own.....
or maybe some fancy victorian thing that I could sit cross legged in...

My issue with chairs is they're never wide or deep enough for me to sit how I want, and they're never tall enough. I like to put my hands on the side and hop UP into my chair. (i can buy some desk raisers to aleviate the issues that may cause)

Ergohuman V1 or V2

My MAX series chair is built like a tank (had it for a year now), dont hate something until you try it. I would absolutely recommend it, even though its not the cheapest they make.

I'll says this:
Spend your money where you spend your time, if you spend your time on your ass, spend your money on your ass.


I had made a thread like this a while back when I was looking. Dare I say it but go on Craigslist and see what you can find. I got a steel case leap for 250. Only had minor scratches on the wheels and was perfect otherwise. I don't know if it's going to be tall enough as it doesn't come with a headrest, but I'm 5' 11" and 250 and it fits me great.

My Maxnomic chair is also great. Also the warranty is very good.

I think ANCHEER Mount Ergonomic Black Mesh Chair is one of the best chair on the market . Most of the office worker and computer user have it . The Ancheer Mount Ergonomic Black Mesh Chair has five adjustable parts including the headrest, backrest, seat, armrest, and height. It also allows you to adjust the angle at which the chair reclines. The backrest itself is S shape that ergonomically conforms to your spine, creating better support and reducing pain caused from sitting long periods of time in an office job. Just lean back as far as you’d like and feel confident that nothing is going to happen. It rolls and swivels easily around your desk area, allowing you to reach any area at your station.

In addition, the office chair is manufactured with a breathable, high density and strength polyester mesh material that keeps you cool no matter how hot it gets in the room.

Furthermore, this office chair has been tested and is able to stand weights up to 665 lbs. Rest assured this chair will not collapse on you. Another interesting fact about this office chair it also fire and dirt resistant.
and also it is not expensive . It is worth for every penny .

Abgout 5 years ago I bought an office chair for my Dau from the shelf at Wal Mart
Comfy and still works, probably because I never sit in it :slight_smile:
I think it was about a C note.
Wood floors so no plastic base thingy needed

When I was in the relocation business, as a mover, SteelCase owned the West Coast, forget the company that owned the east but SteelCase seems to be moving into the east in a big way lately. Used is also an option