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Best non-google backup option for Android


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Hi everyone,

Been using Titanium Backup Pro (TBP) for a few years now but I’ve been frustrated every time with little quirks that always seem to come up when restoring so I was wondering if anyone has a better solution? Must be able to backup to external SD card (or someplace else–besides the internal phone memory since its hard/impossible to get off if phone dies); automating this would be preferred. In addition, encryption and auto-upload to a cloud service would be even better. I don’t really want to use google because of privacy concerns but would maybe be open to it if its really good and I actually get around to reading their privacy policy. Google account only backs up contacts, calendar and a few other things correct (aka nowhere near as comprehensive as TBP)?

Option 1 Continue using TBP but a few questions to answer (in order of importance):
-Are privacy settings (privacy guard and app info permissions/data usage options) maintained when restoring?
-How can I ensure that all restored apps are going to continue to get updates from its associated app store? I currently use F-droid/G-droid and google play (flashed via gapps pico onto lineage OS). It would be really awesome to just use the batch action “restore missing apps with data” in TBP and then run something that confirms the apps will continue to update and with which app store.
-Do I need to sign in with the same google account as was used in the backup for google play store apps to update? If so, how do I check what account was used in the TBP backup?
-Do the app stores need to be installed before apps are restored with TBP for the market links to work?

Option 2 Use recovery TWRP (or some other) to manually save NAND backup to SD:
-Can this image be restored onto another phone without problems? If so, which partitions do I need to backup to get things back to the way they were?
-Can individual apps be restored without restoring the whole image? (probably not but would be nice to know)

Option 3 backup via ADB to Linux (or Windows) computer. Don’t know much about this option as it came out after I started using android
-Is there a good program that can do this automatically? I basically don’t want to have to maintain a script that does this.
-Are privacy settings (privacy guard and app info permissions/data usage options) maintained when restoring?
-How is the level of granularity for this? Is it more like option #2 (only restore whole image or nothing at all) or option #1 (can restore individual apps)
-Can this restore system settings? (my one big problem with TBP)
-(Essentially same concerns as for option #1) Will market links work, do I need to use the same google account and do I need to restore the app stores first for apps to update?

Option 4-anything else I haven’t heard of (besides using google)?

Thanks in advance for your input! I hope this isn’t too much for one topic…mods let me know if it is.



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