Best Non-demanding Linux Games?

Any ideas? I've been looking at Starbound and Rust but I'd like to start with something free.


My two favorite free as in price and in freedom games for Linux:

OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon) - Probably the best free (in either sense of the word) management game there is.

Battle for Wesnoth - Fantasy turn-based strategy game. 6(-ish) unique factions, all are well balanced.

Either of those will run on basically any computer you'll ever see. As long as you stick to the stable releases (and even if you don't, generally), they're both very polished and virtually bug-free. Last I checked, both had active multiplayer components and mods. I assume they only get more active over time. Also, they're most likely available in whatever package manager you have handy.

redeclipse is a twitch shooter that works on pretty much anything.

thing with linux is that everything is less GPU dependent, because everybody has been used to not getting GPU drivers for years, so even "heavier" linux native open source games will run really well on slower or older hardware, with the video settings turned down a bit.

So minetest, xonotic, openmw, etc... could work just fine.

There are a lot of open source games, but big studios and the powers that be, still now, go out of their way to strong arm them out of the spotlight. You should really join an open source community to learn about how to compile games from git. Most games are portable and easy to manage, you can't break your system by experimenting with them in linux. Also, every open source game is - just like everything in open source - a constant work in progress. That means that sometimes, there are multiple versions of the same game that offer a different gaming experience, and therefore, "older" versions are still played, so "version" doesn't mean that much.

Uh! OpenTTD looks great! Have to try it!