Best Network practices (ie load balancing, teaming or software limiting)

Howdy People of the internet, I'm just wondering if anyone uses any sort of network tweaks, i've been playing around with a software based network balancer/app manager and was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks the idea is to allow gaming and downloads simultaneously by offloading the downloads to a different interface and half restricting it whilst games are running and then when they aren't allow them to go full ham i've been having mixed results with this program if anyone has ever used it?

Bonus points for any response that can give full details about their solutions

And i am aware that bandwidth is a finite resource

What are you attempting to do? Can you explain your use case? We need some more details if you could draw a Visio/picture.


I have two ethernet cards in this case eth and eth1 my idea is to make steam and origin basically always able to update and given that my local connection is about 25mbs (australia) and steam tends to nom all of that for itself it makes playing games at the same time difficult. so what i would like todo is say limit steam and origin chrome etc from using eth and using eth1 at a max speed of lets say 10-15mbs

eth in my case being x.x.x.21 main traffic (games and latency sensitive stuff)
eth1 being x.x.x.130 (steam and bulk downloady stuff not latency sensitive)

if that makes sense

so ideally setting up a limited connection for non latency sensitive downloady stuffs one eth1 and latency sensitve stuff on eth

I recently ran into a situation where my ISP actively throttles my traffic from the torrent(Or anything similar e.g. steam, origin, and so on) protocol. Once i throttled my own connection for that specific type of traffic i could basically "by pass it" by limiting my own traffic to ~1,5mb/s out of 2,4mb/s available since appearently the Rturds only scanned and throttled once i hit a certain bandwidth, and type of traffic.
Limiting my own traffic to steam and its affiliates suuuuucks, but 1,5mb/s is hella lot better then 800kb/s which they basically throttled my whole connection to when installing lets say shadows of mordor on steam(which is roughly 50gb).
Result is i can install what ever game today, while watching youtube with no degredation in my connection at all, using my full bandwidth, but my ISP are simply not throwing in retarded limitation since they only scan for torrents, and bandwidth used by the protocol, and i forgot the name but it was either netbalancer, or net limiter, should be able to achieve the exact same, i just used the open source solution.

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might apply that to my torrenting server that hasnt run into any issues yet but knowing my isp cough telstra cough might in future helpful

I would suggest you only use one NIC. Unless you have a 10G switch and are teaming there isn't a reason to have multiple nics as they're on the same network/subnet. I would suggest using QOS on your router if it supports it. Post your router model and we'll let you know if it is if you're not sure. If your router doesn't support QOS, you can set it up in Windows here:

QOS is quality of service, essentially it does exactly what you're asking for, it controls network traffic based on rules that you can set depending on what it's from.


well i can pretty much tell you that my router doesnt support it and by that i mean it barely does internet (cant replace the damn thing cause isp limitations)

But i shall look into the microsoft qos link ty

yea use 1 nic, it's bound to be at least 100mbps, and your isp is the limiting factor.

your options:
-limit the applications through their options, i.e. steam under preferences & downloads or whatever, limit to like 1MB/s (7-8mbps)
-load DDWRT onto your router if it supports it. this will allow you to implement QOS on a router that would otherwise not support it

these ones cost money:
-build a pfsense box, which will allow you to implement QOS and probably be faster than something consumer grade (this is just a computer you build & put multiple NIC's in)
-buy a cisco router of some sort, SOHO grade should do the trick. this should support some sort of QOS and will probably be more reliable but a little bit slower than building a pfsense box.

issue being that my isp happens to have made it impossible for me to replace said router as it controls our phones (which are needed) through some wierd voip stuffs (closed source and encrypted) otherwise i would have replaced le router which is some ancient thompson pos

yea i change my steam download settings constantly, so like at night i set it to unlimited if im downloading large games and during the day i turn it down to like 500k because i want more resources free for game traffic and stuff.

my asus router has QOS built in but it doesn't work real well so i just shut it off lol

Technicolor TG582n is the worlds worst router ever made and its landline phone that she controls unfortunatly plus it seems like its been setup to detect when its on a lan and not connect because ive tried many a time to replace this with anything, unless someone knows of a way to trick or share a wan connection through pfsense it seems im all out of luck

it depends on a few factors. you said it's phone line internet? DSL i assume at 25mbps?

generally when it comes to DSL or cable you need to activate the piece of equipment you want to hook up with the ISP. you can't just connect & go even with compatible equipment you need to activate it. normally this can be done with the MAC address & that's it. sometimes they require the serial # or things like that as well.

Actually tis fttp so ive already got a modem (big white box attached to wall where wan connection comes from) the router is litterally just a router that also does telstra's closed loop voip

exactly, i agree... unforunately most people only have one options for ISP's (over 5mbps or so that is)

i used to sell verizon fios and we were also ABLE to sell DSL .. but the DSL speeds in all areas where i live are below 6mbps so they basically told us don't bother to sell it because the satisfaction rates are so incredibly low, most people end up jumping ship to TWC. so in most towns & the city i live in, TWC is the only REAL option offered. then there are the few towns (i think like 4 of the wealthier towns) that verizon fios is offered. its ridiculous.

You should be able to plug the telstra router in to another router to get the voip working. You may have to mess around with the DNS settings and manually configure it to use telstra's DNS or something. Maybe have a look online and see if anyone else has figured it out.

I'm not really sure how to solve the problem though. QoS may do it but it can be complicated, and controlling download speed is tricky as it has to already be downloaded before the router can do anything with it. It would be easy to set a fixed limit to certain IPs/ports/protocols but that's not really what you want.

found the solution to the router conundrum will do some testing on it before rolling it out but basically youve gotta tell the router to become very very stupid