Best music streaming service

Hi everyone

I want to buy or rent a streaming service. I was looking into Spotify for good 2 weeks now and I have tried Deezer in the past. Now I want to rent one, witch is the best. They all cost about 12.95 CHF in my country so price is not the top argument. I have made some Google research but only found out that it comes to personal preference.

I want most of the time to listen to Playlists and make/share my own playlists. I will be using it mainly on my Desktop pc and my future HTC M9. It doesn't have to be Deezer or Spotify, Netflix and Rdio look nice to. I don't think it comes down to how many million songs a service has, more to capability with my devices and how the interface looks like. I want to make some of my playlists available offline for my phone.

Thank you for reading and thanks for your answer.


If your using an android phone, I would recommend google's music. It allows you to make playlists and save them for offline use.

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I saw that, PC support is terrible though so this was the dealkiller for me. I'm going with Spotify now for a month, but if there is something better let me know

I have tried multiple services, and Spotify is BY FAR the best. Great desktop and mobile clients, high quality music, cheap, and a HUGE catalog. Much bigger than Beats Music's catalog is.

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Thanks so I made a great choice sticking with Spotify.