Best Mouse I Can Get For About $60?

Hey guys, I'm probably getting a new mouse, and I'd love to hear your suggestions! I'd like it to be comfortable for somebody that uses a palm grip. I would really prefer a high quality scrolling wheel, one that won't squeak when I try to scroll fast.

I won't get the Razer mice, I tried all of them out and none of them really fit my liking. Right now, I use a Roccat Kone [+] mouse.



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I love my G600, if you want a palm grip style.

Its such a subjective thing, no one is going to e able to pick a mouse out or just have to try as many as you can till you inde one that suits you, if you cant do that get a adjustable mouse like the RAT or Ouroboros so you can at least get close to a grip that suits you. 

I recently got a Zowie AM Pro Gaming Mouse, and it make me happy! 



I have the Mionix Naos 8200 it has the avago adns 9800 8200 dpi, teksyndicate reviewed it if you want do check it out. 

I'm not sure about it, I mean everything about it seems awesome except for the grip, apparently. How does it feel in the hand? I'm told it's plastic, so does your hand slide off?

It is either made of a very nice plastic, or coated in a nice material, because the grip isn't bad at all; very solid, fits incredibly well, never slips, and never gets sweaty, and inherently gross/dirty.


I love my G600.  I have no regrets.

I reccomend the rat 3 gaming mouse. I had one for a few months, but it got struck by lightning. Best mouse I ever used though.

check out: they have some decent hardware.. go to the gaming section and then pc gaming... i had a great really cheap mouse.. they dont make it anymore but it was through iHome.. it is still my backup that my friend is using.. it just feels great,

G700 is really comfortable to hold, loads of buttons but the wireless aspect is worthless because of battery, so I would just use it corded. I want to upgrade to the g602 though, more buttons and long battery life make it seem really appealing.

Corsair M65 looks really nice. I'm currently rocking an M95, it's been a great experience.

I use the Corsair M65 and it is fantastic. Great weight and feel.

I personally like my Razer Deathadder but the mouse is small. 

Some reliable optical mouse without a bunch of un-needed bells and whistles. or a g600 if you want a bunch of buttons.

Has the A3090 sensor

I use logitech proteus core g502 personally it has a metal scroll wheel and a button to make u scroll faster due to less resistance or in other words free scroll button .. the scroll wheel to some feel slippery but to me i find it to be very precise in normal mode and very smooth in fast scroll mode

It fits palm users perfectly if they have smallish hands and is usually around 60$ in amazon i bought it for 59
it's texture is great and has 12k dpi great sensor and awesome reviews and 11 programable buttons that are well placed and made from high quality materials
i got it from about 20 days and it is the best decision in my rig till this day

However the sniper button could annoy people with big hands so if you could try it hands on first you could see will it be an issue or not

Also one more con is it lights blue only so no rgb lighting

It has weights with it (5 x 3.6 gram weights) i personally use them all because i prefer a heavy mouse

For me it is the most ergonomic thing ever :)
i use palm with my smallish hands and sometimes i use claw and both work great

Logitech G400s, honestly one of the comfiest mouses I'll ever hold, can play w/ it for hours.