Best mouse for palm grip and CS:GO

So I really need a new mouse for CSGO i have a g400s. It is good but my ring finger doesn't like setting next to my middle finger. it likes to go next to my pinkie. Also the mouse gets sticky quick and it very irritating. I bought the deathadder thinking it was going to be the one but it wasn't. The deathadder seems very differnent like a finger tip or claw grip because the height of the mouse is close to the buttons. And the software sucks too.

This is my list so far:

- Zowie gear EC1 evo - Which is the best Zowie mouse for palm grip, I heard this was bigger than EC2.

- Steel Series Rivial - This looks good for palm grip.

-Monix Naos 3200 - this looks very nice but im wondering if it will be to heavy because I play on low DPI.


 I want a mouse fit for palm grip and rubber coated or have some form of ruber grip and 2 thumb buttons.

What other mice are there ? 

Mionix Naos 7000, Logitech G402 or G502, of you don't like deathadder, you probably won't like both zowie ec1 and rival.

Well my main problem with the deathadder is I can't grip it probley. Also the height in the mouse is under my knuckles and not my palm. So it slopes up and I can't get a proper palm grip of the mouse.