Best Motherboard with an 760k 70 bucks

Title says enough 

Im from the us so use usd 

Title explains but heres the build 

also cheeper is better so if i dont need a 70 dollar board thats ok 

I am not overclocking


Just grab something that is an A75 chipset or higher. This will grant you sata3 and an internal USB3 header.

is 88x better then 75?


its like i get no help on this website

It can be pretty hit or miss sometimes. I don't know much about AMD, so I'll just do this:

Bump. Can someone with knowledge pitch in here?

Yes, the higher number denotes a better chipset. Any given brand will be suitable, but you might want to choose something reputable like ASUS.

You'll want to make sure you go with an FM2+ socket motherboard to leave the door open for future upgrades.

I would recommend the ASRock FM2A75M Pro 4+

For just under $70 it offers a pile of features including crossfire support (so you can add a 2nd R7-265 later on) as well as 4 ram DIMM slots for easy memory upgrading.

$70 is a really good price for a motherboard that offers this level of features. You could go cheaper, but those boards do not support crossfire and lack other features. The VRM setup on the board I recommended is much more robust than the cheaper boards and even though it lacks any VRM heat-sinks, I wouldn't doubt it's probably capable of a achieving a decent stable overclock on the 760K.

Try to stick with manufacturers like Gigabyte, Asus, ASRock and MSI. 

Thanks so much