Best monitor for under $180

Since one of my two monitors died I've been on the hunt for a new one and I’m looking for a good budget friendly screen that still has 1080p and a 22 inch or smaller display (this increases PPI) for a non 3d screen id like to spend no more then $140 and for a 3d screen no more than 180 and in my search I’ve found these which fit the bill nicely but because the looks are half way decent and they meet all my other requirement


non 3D



all of these have 1080p 7ms or less reponce time 60hz refresh rate but only the veiwsonic vx2270smh-led has a ips panel something i would love to have since i very much like large very detailed backgrounds and i love playing games like metro last light and dishonored if there are any better suggestions please leave a link for me

I have 2 of these:

And I am EXTREAMLY happy with them.  Very vivid pictures and colors are awesome as well.  I notice no responce lag or ghosting or anything negative.

Although I do wish the whites wernt quite as white, somtimes menu's divider bars are hard to see cause the whites are that white.  But I do have the brightness turned up quite a bit.

I'm trying to keep the screen as small as possible while still being 1080p so the ppi is very large also, thanks for the recemendation i will take it into consideration

p.s for that amount of money i think i would get the its ips and has a 5ms reponce time

ASUS + IPS = Win

Ok I've narrowed it down its between these thre,

first the cheapest asus vs228h-p non ips 1080 like the rest 22" 50,000,000:1 contrast ratio $130 5ms reponce time

middle veiwsonic vx22705mh-led ips 1080 22" 30,000,000:1 contrast ratio 7ms reponce time $150

the most expensive asus vg23ah ips 3D 1080p 80,000,000:1 contrast ratio 5ms reponce time $180

One of these will be chosen so tell me which you think is best.

asus vg23ah. I don't care much for 3D, I just love ASUS products and IPS panels. However, I'm sure you could find a cheaper alternative.

Like the ML23...

Stand looks crappy, but it's a good display.

What brand is the ML23 and is ML23 the full model number.



They dont have them on newegg or amazon but it looks quite nice