Best Monitor for the job

Hi Guys,

I was just wondering your thoughts on IPS monitors for surround gamming. Im looking at 2 right now and im not sure which I should get or if there are others I should consider. I'm looking for a 23" so nothing to big and only hoping to spend A$200 - A$300 per monitor (Cheaper the better). 

Let me know what you think guys.

Well, for surround, there are some asus 144hz monitors @ newegg right now for $260. I have no idea if your setup could push 3 144hz monitors, but 144hz is nice to have in general.

I think my setup could do it, I have GTX780 with a 3570K. I was more looking for something with incredibly thin borders to try not to get too much a break between the images on the screens. Do you think that this could run 3 monitors a 120Hz?

I'm sure 3 of these would do quite nicely


or, for a smaller bezel, but also slightly smaller screen size,


Thanks for that Pawmaniac, the price on that one looks good, out of these two, which would have the best display do you think?