Best MOBO upgrade from Gigabyte H110M DS2?

I want a 6 or even 8 core CPU to game smoothly with my 1070 Ti at 1080p. Current CPU is I5 6500.

My understanding is that all roads lead to the ryzen 5 3600.

Plenty of bang per buck and you should be able to recycle everything other than your mobo and cpu from your old build.

Even with slower DDR4 it’ll be fine.

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As you highlighted motherboard in the title, do you plan to only change out the mobo or do you want to change platform completly?

  • What budget do you have in mind?
  • What CPU cooler do you have? (and what case so eventual upgrades can be suggested)
  • What games do you play? (Less important now with Ryzen 3000, but maybe a newer Intel suits you better)
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Yup we are going to need to know your budget,
and if you wish to stay on the intel platform, or that you also would consider switching to AMD?