Best Mobo for FX 6300

What is the best motherboard for the AMD FX 6300.

I looked at the Asus M5A97 which is apparently especially made for the new FX cores and at the Asrock Extreme 4 but I dont know if one (if any) of these are actually the best choices.

Any help? :)

Nuff said or the extreme 4

The 6300 uses less power than a Phenom II 965. I have a 965 over 4Ghz (which is about as much as you can do with everyday market coolers) on the original M5A97 without digi+ VRM. You would be able to overclock that thing still on the original and even better on the one with Digi+VRM. The only advantage of the digi+vrm is the customizable load line calibration but its not really worth $40 over the base model on a 970 board.

This is the motherboard I am using with my FX 6300 and it works perfectly. It is at least worth having a look at.


What is digi+ VRM? And do you think the M5a97 is good enough for a $700 pc or should i get a more expensive mobo as it is pretty cheap?