Best Mid Gaming Tower?

What is the best Mid tower gaming case for $50-100. THANKS!

Fractal Design Define R4. It has great airflow, is very wide for a mid-tower case (meaning you have plenty of room to route your cables, and can fit massive cpu coolers), it's silent, and it's only 80$!

Logan also made a review of it, which you can check out here.


^ Agreed. That or the Corsair Carbide 300r (or the 200r) are very solidly built. The Coolermaster Storm Scout (1 or 2) are very good as well.

that depends and your own taste... 

i personaly would go with 

- CM Storm Enforcer 

- Corsair Vengeance c70 

- Fractal Design Define R4 with the side window (my favorite for a few more bucks)

- Nzxt Phantom 410