Best method for Linux remote desktop access (via GDM/login)

As the title says, has anyone experience setting up remote desktop access on Linux that can utilise user accounts.

I know one way that’s utilising VNC server / XDMPC to allow remote desktop login that i’m going to test, but it doesnt seem the most elegant, and looks like it requires setting static resolutions server side.

Windows remote desktop seems far more flexible, but it doesnt look like there’s anything quite up to scratch in comparison.

Anyone experience with this?

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Are you trying to do a terminal server type config?

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Hm, kind of but not really. Have a few virtual workstations that need to login to from another location, but not in the sense of having large numbers of people logged in.

Okay, since this is a 1:1 situation, more or less, I’d recommend this:


I’ll test this option out.

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I’ve had good experience with it in the past. It’s fully compatible with RDP client on Windows and Remmina.


This has been my main reference

With VNC with XDMCP being really the only option there, allowing multi-session, “local” user/gdm login, but as i mentioned its a little inelegant. I’ll test this out along with testing xrdp. If it works it looks like xrdp might be a bit nicer to implement.

Have you tried x2go? It’s based on the old nomachine open source libs and will not work with wayland, but should work great with most X desktops.


not sure if this could help or not

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While you may not be looking to service tons of users, this is still a viable option.

Actually, scratch that… it’s nifty, but not exactly what you are looking for.

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I hear JB talk about XToGo a lot and that runs as a service at boot. That would probably work.


I’d look into that as well. I’ve heard of it from JB, but haven’t really looked into it meself.

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Few results so far.

x2go seems to be by far currently the easiest solution to use. Its simple, and works, it has one downside in that it seems to be slowly falling behind in support for modern desktop environments. It doesnt work with gnome, and has issues with others. It works with xfce, which makes sense as xfce hasn’t really moved in 2 years.

I had xrdp sort of working but it requires a little more work and configuration. Going to work on that a little more, however I think for the moment, x2go does the job.

I didn’t look at freerdp because it wasn’t clear if it had a server side? and i was already looking at x2go. Anyone used it?


Glad to hear it’s all sorted. Thanks for the update!

I can vouch for xrdp. When I had Windows XP and Windows Vista systems on my home network, I used this and did not have to worry about managing different clients for the GNU/Linux systems. It is fiddly at first, but once you have it setup, you generally do not have to touch it.

Otherwise tiggerVNC and XDMPC could take you far.

Now that my Gnu/Linux systems run Wayland and there is only one Windows system on my network (laptop dualbooted with Win 10), I have not needed to use remote desktop tools. SSH had helped me when I needed it.