Best Mechanical Key Switches for Me

So, I am interested in finally upgrading from a Microsoft Sidewinder X4, and I was interested in getting a mechanical keyboard. The model I want( comes with three key switch options: Blue, Brown, and Red. 

I am trying to find a key that suites me the best. I am a gamer and love a keyboard that has red switches, but in the mechanical keyboard buyer's guide that Logan posted, I remember him complaining about typing. Can you guys recommend a switch for me out of those three that feels good when gaming and typing. Also, this is kind of important, I am a light typer and don't put too much force when I'm typing, so I'm not into keys that exhibit too much resistance when typing. All comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

I believe the brown is generally seen as a good in-between, it's got an actuation point like the blue, but it's much quieter and requires a bit less force. I'm planning on going with brown, at any rate.

Have you used brown switches before, or are you planning on purchasing them?

You can purchase a mechanical key switch tester.

Clicky switches are pointless unless you are going to control the force with which you hit the keys.

Linear switches are not bad for typing, if you always bottom out while typing, they are even better. And any mechanical switches are always better than rubber dome for typing.

I, too, was wondering which switch type to get and have always wondered why there weren't test boards so you could try out different switches.  Glad to see there are (TBH I didn't research it that much), so I'm going to be purchasing one of those so I can test out the different feels.

They are a bitch to find. Type anything in Google and it returns results of nothing but keyboards, and not the tester.

Someone notified me that Cooler Master will discount the cost of their keyboards if you purchase the tester, and then go on to purchase one of their keyboards. So you get the tester for free after making that keyboard purchase, I think.

Also, what is the reason for getting into Mechanical keyboards.

If the reason includes feeling or sound, you probably will want a blue or brown switch. If the reason is just having a keyboard for 20 years and the better usability, then linear (like red) might be an option too.

The problem with linear is they feel and sound like membrane, meaning some buyers might not get the satisfying click and bumb non-linear switchs give, leading to a low level of buyers remorse.

You can replace all the switch types with their "heavier/stiffer" counter parts. I personally have a MX Black keyboard, and I wished it was a little more different than membrane.

The problem with linear is they feel and sound like membrane

I don't get anyone who says that.

Linear switches are nothing like membrane. Their whole point is that they don't have anything that impedes your keypresses, which allows for faster typing compared to membrane keyboards and also better control of timing and faster repeated keypresses for games. Not to mention general benefits of mechanical keyboards, most important of which is the absence of rubber which makes passing actuation point and bottoming out not feel terrible like on membrane keyboards.

Browns with their tactile bump would be the closest switch type to membrane.

I used to think blues were best, but browns sound so much nicer IMO. Kinda on the lookout to replace my current MXblue keyboard.