Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard?

I'm just looking for opinions as ideas for what I should get.

Rosewill RK9000 or a CM storm quick fire 

Best is definitely the Happy Hacking Pro 2.

G710+ is pretty nice, Cherry brown switches are my personal preference.

Ya the g710 and the corsair k95 are really cool too

It kinda depends, I mean what games are you using it for (FPS? RTS? MMO?)

I really  like Razer boards. But I have to admit as far as construction goes there behind on keyboards. Of all the boards I messed with Thermaltake's Tt eSports Meka G1 is built like a tank. 

For gaming any keyboard with linear (black/red) switches will do. Quickfire Rapid is a good choice. 

I'm looking into a ducky shine 3, hoping newegg gets some in stock so I don't have to buy from NCIX. Heard it's good, very sturdy, reliable, high quality, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Comes with some really neat lighting effects, too. But doesn't come with any dedicated media keys or macros.


And the CM Storm TK is a good option as well, assuming you want a numpad and pretty lights.

The Quick Fire Rapid is a great deal especially when it is one sale. It is essentially one of these rebadged.

I have it and like it a lot but I doubt it is the best if you aren't factoring price.