Best mATX mobo?

Best mATX mobo to fit a FX-8350 in a Corsair Air 240 case? With out dropping the 6 Gbit/s, and is that necessary or is SATA II good enough. Using a Samsung EVO SSD for OS.

in all honnesty, None of the current m-atx boards on the market are decent enough for a FX 8350.

So it's still the same, I looked into this a few months ago and got no where. I want to move to mATX but would rather not buy a new CPU being that I have a pretty good one already. If i was to make a logical move, I would get a 4790k, but that steps the price up to much.

This is about all I can find

Well if you build this setup mainaly for gaming, then even with a 4690K you will see improvements in allot of games, that are cpu bound.

JJ from Asus asked us our opinnion about creating a decent m-atx AM3+ board.

Check this thread out.

Unfortunatly current M-atx AM3+ solutions all suck.

lol ! I agree, tho.

^^^^^^^sad but true^^^^^^^