Best MATX AM3+ mobo

I am looking to build a matx pc, and i am going to go with a FX 8350 cpu. I would like to hear what would be the best bang for your buck matx mobo. The pc will mostly be used for gaming and some 3d rendering, i am going with a matx build because of space and mobility.

There aren't any MATX mobos that would be able to keep up with an 8320/8350. The only boards that have the power delivery to run an 8320/8350 are ATX. Sorry

well that's a downer 

Other options are to go with LGA1150 or FM2/FM2+.

Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 can power a 6 and 8 core but its only 4+1, so you can't expect like any overclocking room but yeah I recommend atleast a GA-970A-UD3P which has 8+2 power phase for the 8 core.