Best Linux version for ViewSonic XG270QG

Hey, levelontechers, I am new here and I want some information regarding my friend’s concern.

He is planning to purchase a new LCD gaming monitor. As per his requirements he wants to run his PC on Linux OS.

He wants to buy the ViewSonic XG270QG model. So, which version of Linux OS would be the best choice for this PC monitor.

All viewpoints are welcomed. Thanks for the help in advance.

How do you mean “which version of Linux”? It’s a Monitor, why would the OS care about the brand or model? As long as the monitor reports the supported resolutions properly to the GPU it doesn’t matter.

Do you also buy a new monitor for every Windows update?

don’t you?!


Hey, OP, here’s the thing:

The drivers installed alongside the GPU on top of the OS will push the monitor, not “linux” itself

Of course your friend will lose performance if they want to game on linux, because game studios don’t care too much about loonix and don’t optimize it too much

Given the monitor is g-sync compatible they probably have a nvidia gpu, if so: given the drivers are correct I don’t see a reason it wouldn’t work

although I must say it doesn’t make too much sense to “game on linux” and invest in such a high refresh rate monitor

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Depends on the game. The loss as compared to native Windows is not as big as is used to be years ago. Some select games even gain FPS due to Vulkan being used instead of DX9.

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for a while there a few games ran faster on linux than windows, at least according to some bench marks of the games

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You may wish to look into the benefits of Wayland and its current development status. At some point this may be the preferred approach for gaming, but I’m not sure if we are there yet. Several distros use Wayland out of the box, such as Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora, among others.

Still depends what you’re wanting to do. For example if you plan on streaming, it is still a big nope.
Also if you have an Nvidia GPU, the driver does not have any kind of Wayland support to my knowledge.

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Well, the link was to a 165Hz G-Sync monitor, so I assumed that gaming was the objective.

As I previously mentioned, Wayland is still very much a work in progress.

Yeah obviously, but gaming and streaming are not mutually exclusive :stuck_out_tongue: What I was saying is if OP plans on streaming the games, Wayland is unfortunately not an option right now. And seeing how it is a G-Sync monitor it also implies Nvidia. That Nvidia doesn’t work with Wayland is not a Wayland issue though, it is an Nvidia one.