Best Linux for laptop

Hey I've just bought a Asus X555L and I'm wondering what's the best distribution for it sry for not choosing the rug category pls change it my phones browser won't let me choose it

Personally for laptops I tend to start with a stripped out OS and add what I need. I would preferably jump straight to Arch and build up an interface.

However, seeing as it is a fairly recent machine you can get away with something with bloat in it..... cough Ubuntu cough

If this is your first foray into Linux, I would take a look at Ubuntu (despite just slating it) just so you can get an idea of things you like/dislike and try some varying interfaces (like Gnome and KDE). If you know more and want to go full dive then Arch or Debain.


yeah ive tried ubuntu gnome before on my main pc but i couldnt really use it to its full potential since i was playing games all the time on windows ive got it on a usb stick to boot from but how do i boot to the bios to change the boot order?

sudo apt-get upgrade

lol tried that in the grub didnt work :( tried it for the lols

This is exactly what you should do. I find arch to be the only appropriate OS to use as the hardware is limited and not really swappable.

also the laptop for some fucking reasons has 2 partions of the 1TB hdd so how do i make them one again?

I would try Linux Mint (Cinamon or Mate) or Netrunner (go with v16 as the new rolling release is not stable enough yet imho)

If you're new. like REALLY new..

I recommend any Ubuntu Distro. (Ubuntu Gnome, Mate, Kubuntu any one of these)

As to why? well because it is the most widely popular distro, therefore it has the most support. also all the help is widely available. it's pretty easy to diagnose an issue on Ubuntu then any other distro.

yeah thats what im planning to use but im nor sure which is best for batter performance and making sure every thing works

if you want everything to work without no issues make sure you install the LTS distro.

if you want new features that may or may not be stable you can try 15.10 which has actually just been updated about a week or so ago. with Kernel 4.2.

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well ive tried to install the LTS version of ubuntu gnome and it boots me into the GNU GRUB

try this.

And its an awesome live build to drop on a usb for use in public wifi situations and/or rescue utility.

Linux is broad and subjective.. there is no best linux. only what is it that makes your life easier. and what has the most support.

it's almost like asking, 'What's the best food to eat?' you're going to get hundreds of answers.. same thing with Linux. there is too many distros and not enough time.

If you wish to enter the "Arch" world without the headache I recommend Manjaro. (It uses all the repositories that Arch does) BUT it has an installer so you don't have to do anything. click a few buttons, type your name, (preferably a pseudonym) a password, set up your Wi-FI. go into the command line and type in Sudo Pacman -Syu and let your system upgrade. Simple as that.

If Ubuntu isn't working. or it's booting you into grub. from my experience the installer shows up perfectly if you go into the BiOS and set everything to legacy and turn off Secure boot.

Opensuse 42.1 with KDE plasma 5.4.2 if you want eye candy.

And the same OS with XFCE if you want to conserve your resources.