Best Linux Distro for Plex Client

Pretty simple. I have an Intel NUC, Celeron with 4GB of RAM, and am wanting to have it to only act as a plex client. Other than Arch Linux, I'm open to any distro that is light enough for this and maybe even Ubuntu based. I have Lubuntu ready, but want to see what some other suggestions are first. Thanks in advance.

I have used elementaryOS and it is very neat and tidy. Looks like Mac OSX too.

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I've only heard about it before and just went to their site. I'll see what else gets suggested, but I think I've made my mind up.

Fedora, Opensuse will use the .RPM and the .DEb will work any 'Buntu or debian distro

You can use any.

Gnome 3 or Unity may be nicer than the others as they have big buttons so using the computer from a distance (as you would be sitting on your sofa at your TV) would be easier.

Elementary OS is snappy and looks like a Mac, if that's your thing.

Okay maybe you can help. If you used a USB what did you use to make it bootable. I've tried all the programs I normally use (Linux Live USB Creator, YUMI, Ubuntu's disk creator, and Unetbootin), but none are working. Each time it will start to boot Elementary OS from the USB, but then after a few minutes it comes up with the (initframes) Couldn't find a medium containing a live filesystem. I've tried every suggestion I've found, but none are working. Here are the latest ones I've tried

Try win32diskimager

Hmm I have used all the ones you have mentioned before. I think I had used Live Usb Creator. I used the usb to install it straight to my HDD and it worked fine.

The only time I had problems was when I tried using a SD-card due to a lack of USBs. Other than that, not sure what the problems could be with mounting it.

Even that failed... I'm blaming it on the NUCs unique hardware config even Ubuntu booted just fine on the first attempt. I'll look into it though and see why, this NUC has trouble even when installing Windows.

Try a different distro something non ubuntu

KodiBuntu. It is Kodi on Ubuntu. Perfect for media client machines.


Very interesting OS, I'll definitely have to give it a try sometime. Just not sure if the nuc will run smoothly with all the eye candy. Thanks for the suggestion.

Here are the OSs that I've installed and tried installing on the NUC since owning:
Win 7 (success)
Win 10 preview (success)
Win 7 (failed, said hardware config was incompatible even though there was no change since last install)
Lubuntu (success)
Bodhi (success)
Elementary (failed)
Ubuntu (success and currently running)

I'm thinking I'll get a Gigabyte Brix or higher end NUC eventually. I like the concept of micro desktops even though a full size will always be my favorite.

Running Plex on Linux Mint using the xfce environment. So far no issues other than having to manually set my drives mounting options for plex to scan them properly.

Its pretty light weight too.