Best LGA 1155 MotherboardFor Under $90

I have a friend who might be interested in buying a new  processor in the near future, but his current MoBo is a few years old so it probably doesn't support LGA 1155.  He wants to spend under $90 but he doesn't want it to be cheap and unreliable.  Thanks a lot!


Your friend lives in a dream world. 90 bucks will get you a pentium dual core. Why the need for a new CPU?

I'm not asking for a new processor,  I'm asking for a new MoBo that supports LGA 1155.

This is a tuff one but, it would probably be the Asrock Fatal1ty P67. Mostly because its actually gaming oriented but otherwise it would have been a tie with the Asrock Pro3 Z77.

Link to Fatal1ty board:

Link to Pro3 board:

Whelp, Thats enough of the internet for tonight. Sorry, I'm an idiot

It's all cool :)

Both of those look great! Thanks a lot

The Fatal1ty board would be your best bet if you wanted to overclock, with it's 8+2 power phase design, although it will not support crossfire. The P67 chipset is great. It's pretty much the Z68 without support for CPU graphics, which no one really uses anyways.

If you wanted to crossfire and get a MILD overclock, the Asus Z77-A is worth looking at too.

That might be worth the extra $20.  He only has a mid-low end GPU(7770) So crossfiring in the future might be a viable option.