Best Laptops for $1000

what are the best laptops for around $1000

the reason i ask is because my brother is planning to get a mac book because he thinks they are the best thing out there.

I have never purchased or even looked at laptops myself but i know that they aren't the best for the price.

he would be using it mostly for photo/video editing and a little gaming.

Mac books are supposed to be good for the video stuff but are very expensive. I assume you are living in the USA not Mars like your profile? 

 If you're spending that much I'd be looking at a higher grade windows laptop for better performance to price. 

 What size/weight issues are we talking? Is this for college or personal use? 14" big enough or do we need a mammoth?


In the realm of the 15``, the Asus N550JV will be a good choice (I have the same but with a touch screen which is a little more expensive than this one)(I'm able to play games on high/sometimes ultra without problems)

If he wants to get a slimmer pc with the same specs and willing to pay a little more money (which I think he can if he wanted to buy a macbook pro), then there is the XPS 15.

MSI and ASUS have some nice laptops in that price range.  I'd recommend this one: