Best laptop for CAD and proE?

I'm trying to find some goog\d laptops as well as the right hardware confg for a desktop to run autocad, solidworks and proE. around $1000 for the laptop.

think this would work well:

ibuypower is one of the cheaper gaming laptop manufacturers the laptopi have above is only 829 so u still have some money to config is more, but i would also suggest checking out the sites other laptops

Honestly I've never really had a problem running any CADD program on 3 gigs and a pentium dualcore at 1.73.  Well no problems till your hitting a thousand faces on screen.

I really don't know that much about cad or the other program, but if what witteknokkels said is true

then a Ivy i5 with 8GB or ram and a SSD for generall boost for everything and battery life, that and screen size/resolution

a high resolution mouse wouldn't hurt either, I'd look all this shit up but I'm pretty tired and I just moved

Ohh I also forgot to mention if you get a gpu get nividia if I remeber correctly some cad programs support cuda.  I don't think I've heard of support for open cl

Don't go ibuypower, goto Sager, or OriginPC, they have pretty well priced pro laptops.





a Ivy i7 at 2.9Ghz/3.6Ghz turbo, the thing is going to be a bit toasty, MX-4 will help wtih that

SSD is optional more to extend to the battery life and speed up load times

4GB of ram so you'll have a better even dual channel and 2GB more

Nvidia GPU with 2GB, which cuda will help a bit, but thats near desktop grade CPU in there so you won't even need it

Lenovo is owned by IBM which is the beesnees of computer companies

Y'know Giga, he could go to the Lenovo site and configure something with an SSD and around the same price.

That is very true, its a matter of preference, I just like to know the exact components that go into it, you don't know what kind of SSD with what kind of IOPs when you go to thier site


EDIT: I'm having trouble customizing a laptop with a 2.9GHz 3rd gen i7 in it being under $3K, I'll keep looking

Sager.  As I stated already :)  They are the guys that supply the laptops for companies such as iBuyPower, Origin, and a few others.  They used to be the VAR for Alienware.

edit: NP9150, 2495 for a 2.9ghz i7, 80gb mSATA for OS, and a 1TB for storage, 8gb RAM. They also have an option for better thermal paste, and a few other nifty things.