Best laptop for $550

I've got $550 to spend on a laptop. I have done a bit of searching and I've found one that looks good.

I'd like a second opinion. Is this a good choice? Is there a better one? Many thanks in advance.

~C.C. Edling

i wouldn't go with a refurbished computer. You could get this 

Add a 4 stick to get 8 gb of ram.


This is what i would do,but if you need the extra 250gb of hard drive space go with the one you found

I highly recommend this laptop ver good for the price its for $519 at amazon its a asus i5 at 2.6 ghz with 6gb ddr3 ram, 750gb hd, and battery last for 5-6 hours 


I was able to find a "scratch and dent" Lenovo Y570 from's outlet store for $560. I'm quite impressed with it. The laptop itself was brand new, not sure why it was classified as scratch and dent, the only thing was the older hardware. Sandy bridge CPU, 500 series nvidia chip. Outlet stores are a great place to look.

found this looking for something else, I have to say, the comments about not buying a refurbished laptop are....uninformed at best, idotic at worst.

HP and the like all do a great job refurbishing their units,  have never gotten one that didnt look and work like brand new, I have have also seen less DOA units from refurb stock then from new, this is beacuse they normally hand test each unit before its packed up to ship out, where new units they test 1/100 units at best in most cases.(some its 1/1000 units from what i have been told)

I personally stick to buying refurbs because the bang for the buck is alot better, and you can still toss a square trade on them no problem.

Infact I just did 120 for 3 years ADH coverage on

thats better then the mfgr offers on new units, it also has much wuicker turnaround in the event you do have a problem.

Lead_Pie, the unit you got, was a refurb most likel out of a damaged box(they took it apart, checked it, tested to make sure it was a-ok then sold it at a discount)

theres NOTHING wrong with refurbished items as long as you stick with quality products in the first place.

just like buying openbox on newegg for motherboards isnt a bad thing......1/2 the boards i have bought for my own use over the past 7+ years have been openbox from he egg, or refurbs(my 2nd sabertooth 990fx was a geeks buy 110 shipped!!! and asus still has it listed for full 5 year, i checked with them :D