Best ITX X570 Motherboard for 2020?

First post! :slight_smile:

I’m in the process of purchasing components for a small form factor build inside the NCASE M1 v6.1.

I’ve got the Ryzen 7 3800X and I’m planning on using air cooling.
Now I’m trying to decide on the best board and would love some input.

I like the ASRock because of Thunderbolt.
The ASUS Crosshair VIII Impact seems to be the go-to for enthusiasts but it’s really pricey.
The reviews for the Gigabyte Aorus seem so-so.

Would love to hear what’s working for you all.

@ndzynes I too like Asrock motherboards, I just built a desktop using the Ryzen 3700X and the X570 Taichi with 32GB of Ram. while this build doesn’t use an ITX motherboard, I thought I would mention my recent experience with Asrock motherboards and the first AMD processor I ever had.

The Asrock X570 motherboard so far has been the best motherboard I have ever boughten. The UEFI is a lot better than my last desktop Bios. While I haven’t had a chance yet to use my desktop all that much, I just got it back from Micro Center (the Ram chips I purchased were bad). The reason my new desktop wasn’t booting into its UEFI is either bad ram or the ram wasn’t compatible with the Taichi at its native speed. Micro Center replaced the ram with the same family of ram (meaning the only difference was it is the rate to run at 3200 instead of 3600). So now I come to the point of this post, make sure whatever ram you purchase is listed on that motherboard compatibility list and it runs at that speed. I guess the X570 chipset is still very picky about what ram it will run. At least that is my opinion.

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Thanks @Shadowbane! I’ve never used ASRock, good to hear it has served you well.

Other than the fact this time around the only problem I had, I couldn’t overcome my self, was either bad ram or the X570 chipset still being picky about what ram will run, it has been a blast building my desktop.

  • Asus X570-i Strix.
  • Asus X570 ROG Impact.
  • Gigabyte X570-i Aorus pro wifi.

Those are pretty decent boards,
great vrm and overall decent build quality.

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