Best ITX motherboards that money can buy

Am having trouble picking a motherboard for my Bitfenix prodigy... Money isn't an issue so what would be the best ITX motherboard money can buy ( needs to be able to fit in a prodigy with minimal heartache :3 )

My build is mainly for gaming but I do like Editing when I have the time to commit to a project and I use the Adobe Suite quite a bit for Photoshop, After Effects, Dream Waver

I also want to get into 3D modelling on Maya possible... 

I will probably buy a new CPU or I might hang back till the new generation of haswell CPU's have been put through there paces so I can OC that shizzle, equipped with a h100i obviously :D 


asus maximus vi impact hands down

i have a p8z77-i deluxe for my 3770k, i much rather ivy over haswell, but the impact is only 1150 socket. the z87 chipset is killer.

  1. Asus maximus VI impact
  2. EVGA Z87 stinger
  3. Asus Z87-i pro

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