Best IPS Monitor for Gaming


 Im looking to buy the best 1080p IPS Monitor for gaming, from the ones available in my Country Ive found the 3 most recommended so far, ranging from 200 to 330 USD. I will put the prices from here next to the links:

LG 23MP55HQ-P >   (200 USD here)
DELL P2414H > (300 USD here)
ASUS MX239H > (330 USD here)

Im looking for one that has the less blur and ghosting effects possible when gaming, im not a fan of FPS so I dont care much about extreme refresh rates, i play more RTS so i dont require as much. Though Response Time is more important and ive heard that if you go below 8 ms on an IPS Panel you will get overshoot issues, what do you think about that? 
The LG panel I listed has supposedly 5 ms so i wonder if it has that problem, one pro of this LG is that it has AH-IPS panel . 
The Dell  monitor has very good reviews and it is recommended for overall purposes, including gaming. It has AH-IPS panel like the LG and its flicker free, so it will be less tiring when looking at it for long hours,  it has 8 ms in RT so it doenst have overshoot and according to it has very low display lag, compared to other IPS panels, and they gave it a Rank 1 in minimun lag for gaming. One of the cons for this panel would be the glow that IPS tend to have and that it is 6Bit instead of 8Bit color , though I dont know how much would that affect the user experience.
 Regarding the last monitor, the Asus MX239, I dont know much about it, only that its also recommended for the mentioned purposes like the others, it has 5 ms RT , around the same size and same Res, if you know more about this monitor feel free to share your thoughts
With all this under consideration, what would be the best choice for the money? I have 300 USD but i could push more only if its really necessary. I dont want more than 24'' 1080p panels, cuz i think thats enough for this day and age. I would appreciate any suggestions or advice. 

Im looking forward to hearing from you

PS: Before I decided to go for IPS I was looking to buy a 144hz panel, but since my PC wont push so many FPS ive decided to settle with a better image quality. Here is my Rig

 Excuse me for not making paragraphs work when i posted the link but i swear idk how to do it, it seems to ignore the spaces i left before posting :S

To me, the advantages of the IPS panels easily outweigh the high refresh rates of the TNs. I personally would never go back.

If you want to get the best of both worlds (kind of), go with an MVA panel. You'll still be limited to 60 Hz, but with with rather good speeds and low input lags. Check out the BenQ BL2410PT for example and read some reviews. It's a 24" 1080p A-MVA panel and will be a very good allround-monitor at an atractive price point.


Look at the BenQ XL2411z or Dell 2412m.  The BenQ is a TN panel but has better color then the other 144hz offerings.  I personally like high refresh over IPS.  I play mostly fps games but with my HD7950 I can play BF4 on high at about 90fps average and the 30 frames makes a huge difference I think.  Also great for counterstrike when I get 300fps.  If fps games are not your thing the IPS will give you more eye candy.  The Dell 2412m is supposed to have the lowest input lag out of the 1080p ips monitors. 

U2412M or those korean panels (they are both nearly the exact same size but the korean panel has higher pixel density). The dell has 4 day advantage, next day exchange warranty program (for 4 years) and probably what is industry best stands.

1920x1080 is bad, it doesn't have enough pixel density and the 24in U2412M will look much bigger, 16:10 is bigger for the advertised Inch size. It really makes alot of differnece.

I love my P2414H, . I game on it too (don't have much time to write right now) I am getting 3 P2314H monitors today might give you an update if you want because of the improved pixel density.

Basicly all those monitors use an LG ips panel inside.