Best Intel Socket 1155 Motherboard

I want to know what Motherboard will be good for my new system. I will be getting the i5-3570K and plan to overclock it, bearing this in mind could you suggest a good Motherboard for me to get that is between £0 - £150.


Also don't say "Maybe you should get the AMD FX-8350 cause it's..." NO, I've had a hard long think about this and I'm going with the Intel option, I was going for the AMD option initially but now I've changed my mind. 


Thanks in advance for any good answers!

I'm using the i5 3570k at the moment , absolute joy. 

I'm using the MSI Mpower Z77 motherboard :

I really love it , overclocking is a complete joy.

You've had a long time to think about it, but haven't considered the new i5? It is being released in about a week with the Z87 motherboards. Just something to consider...


I actually had my eye on this, good to know that someone recommends it! :)

Well this is something that I've not heard about, I'll look into it...


EDIT: I did hear about this, it's the Haswell isn't it?

It is indeed. The new mobos should be more feature-rich than socket 1155. I don't know anything about prices, but it shouldn't be too much of an increase