Best inputs for Eyefinity setup

Hey guys, just got in a pair of Sapphire Dual X Boost 7950's that I'm going to be using in Crossfire for an Eyefinity setup.  The card has 4 inputs: single link DVI-D, dual link DVI-I, HDMI, and a full size Displayport.  My question is this; which three should I use for the Eyefinity setup?  I have 3 27" 1080 Samsung monitors, all identical (I've heard that's best for Eyefinity setups) and each has the option of DVI, HMDI, or VGA (w/ adapter if needed).  Can I do 2 on DVI (will the standard DVI out of the monitor work in the dual link DVI port) and then 1 HDMI?  Or will I need some sort of adapter(s)?  Thanks for any help with this; raze the world!


Oh, for the love of adorable little kittens, DO NOT USE VGA! It's an analogue signal that is prone to interference, and has noticeable quality degradation in HD resolutions. Also, only one of the DVI ports (DVI-I) is compatible with VGA adapters.

If I remember correctly, I think the DVI-D and HDMI can't be active simultaneously, so the best set up is both DVI ports and the Display Port. Since Display Port is uncommon on monitors, you may need a Display Port to DVI adapter.