Best Hot Sauce on the Planet

I'm a hot sauce junkie (as evidenced by this random shot of what I had in my fridge:

The best hot sauce experience I've ever had was combining these two bottles along with some apple cider vinegar in a bowl and using an emersion blender to make it smooth than funneling it back into the bottles.

The names speak for themselves. It really is a great combination though.


Siracha forever.

Why not combine all the hot sauces and have the world best hot sauce wopatui Is not that hot, but is a damn solid sauce to have around, good flavor, I keep it in the fridge at work...

+1 on Cholula

I'm really loving this most at the moment though:

However it's eeeextremely mild, so its hard to call it a hot sauce(unless you're my weak family). They do a habanero one, but this tastes the best to me. I'm keen to try out their 6 pack or $25, but i'd have to order online.

Molten lava. From a volcano. Sprinkled with a tad of freshly ground pepper from a phallic pepper mill.

Scorned Woman Original is my favorite all-around, it's quite hot, but has a great peppery flavor that pretty much goes with everything... if you like garlicky hot sauces that aren't screaming hot, then Blair's Death Sauce is good (I like in on Chinese). Dave's makes some good sauces as long as you stay away from the Insanity line (it's marketed as a food additive, it's just painful at that point and they have a kind of metallic flavor)... but the normal sauces they make are delicious

Angry Cock + Happy Beaver... Yeah, I would think those go well together.. XD

Taco bell hot sauce FTW

Cholula is my all around favorite but im also a huge fan of Trader Joes chili pepper sauce. I like hot sauce that's decently hot but more importantly flavorful. Im not into the burn your tongue off type of hot sauce.

This ones quite good.

I never tried any of them since im mexican i make my own sauces. Oh wait im wrong i tried the rooster thingy logo back in 95 at panda express it taste pretty sweet almost like brown sugar with a kick. But if i have to choose Tapatio is my lazy mans sauce when im not in the mood to use the blender or Valentina Black Label.

Nice collection.  I take it that you're more of a southern hot sauce lover.  Types where its mostly a vinegar based sauce.


Are you a heat chaser or are you looking more towards the overall package with flavor in mind?  I see you have a bottle of Matilda's which is considered one of the best for an overall flavor sauce.  If you have the chance you might want to try this salsa.  The heat sneaks up on you, but the salsa has a very nice flavor profile.


If you want you might want to start growing peppers and actually making your own sauce.  You can get Carolina Reaper seeds now since they have several generations growing.  Nice collection!

It's not necessarily the "best" hot sauce, but it burns pretty good while still tasting like peppers. It's apparently 3,500,000 Scoville, but I don't find it all that hot to be honest when using it as directed, especially now that I am more used to it.

One drop for taste, two drops for fun, three drops for sinus clearing.

The Carolina Reaper looks painful. I was going to order some to grow this year, but I don't think they'll grow this far North.

Is there a site for that? I live in Wisconsin and have been wondering if I can grow my own redonkulas class chilies, I know some varieties will grow fine but some I've tried don't come in anywhere near as ho as they should.