Best Hex ( 6 monitor Stand)?

Im looking for a 6 monitor stand for the 6 monitors im about to buy Dell S2415H.

Can any of you recommend the best 6 Monitor stand???? Thanks in advance. Im looking at this one currently -Ergotech Hex 3 Over 3 LCD Monitor Desk Stand

Id like to have no problem adjusting the outside monitors closer to me for better angle. And have everything perfectly straight.** IM OCD on that I want all the monitors close together, lined up**. Not sure the one im looking at will deliver, So i ask those with experience :P

spaceco is great its the one that Wendell uses.

I've heard good things about ergotech products but Spaceco is the maker @wendell is always praising.

Why buy 6 of those over a few 4k displays? You could buy 2 4k displays now and add a third in the near future for that budget, you're get 2 1080p displays worth of extra pixels as well going 4k, and twice as many pixels going with 3 4k displays


Good question. First, 2 monitors = no way id be happy with 2. Im use to atleast 3 by nature.
As for 4k, Didnt really think about it, But honestly for 23" 4k prob wouldnt do anything for me other then make everything smaller. And with my budget x3 4k monitors (assuming) is out of my budget.

The other thing would be just organization, having 6 monitors each setup and laid out for exactly what i want.

Like 40" 4k displays would basically give you 8 1080p displays to work with though, and then you wouldn't have bezels, and there's software to split up your display into grids

True, However can you budget x2 ( sadly not 3) 4k monitors that are decent into $800 budget? On top of the required Gpu upgrade ill have to do lol. Honestly not a huge fan of 4k yet, Really (praying) that vr takes off.

in a perfect world i guess id have x3 4k monitors maybe 27" tops. If i knew i could run every single game under the sun atleast solid 60fps or atleast my main games but that time just isnt now and i have no need nor want to want.

Also what GPU were you going to go with? as there's like a 7750 with 6 display port outputs

You'd get 2 now, which would give you more pixels, and you can add a third later, which gives you this ungodly amount of screen space, if you invest in the 4k displays now, you're never going to have to buy a display set up again.

stacked 1080p displays are going to be as big as a 40" 4k display anyways

You don't want to go 27" as it's a bit small for productivity

This might be the one to get given that it has a 100mm vesa mount

and barnacules has a whole write up on his 3 4k display set up

Alright alright. You convinced me, Ill weigh my options with 4k.

lol, it just makes everything easier as well when you only have to play around with a few display inputs rather than some crazy 6 port card

Any recommendations for a x3 monitor setup? Link to monitors would be a appreciated. So far havnt seen anything that budget wise that caught my eye. Even if i start with just 2 4k, around a grand budget give or take?

The korean displays above and the others they reviewed are going to be your best bet for large 4k displays

the 32" Crossover display from the above is $450, though you may want to double check if this one is IPS

there is a 27" IPS 4k Free-sync display at $450, but 27" is probably too small for what you want to do as you'd have to scale it

Crossover 28" here if you want to hear about scaling

Based off Barnacules that korean (or any for that matter) is a turn off.

I've bought a korean 1440p display and it's perfect, he seems to have just had really bad luck, or all the good panels were sold out at the time, otherwise the TVs he ended up with cost a good amount more, as do standard new 32" or higher 4k displays, they start at around $900 from what I can see on the PC part picker

it may be costly now but it's easily going to be a worthy investment when you compare the cost of the 6 displays+mounting solution for that vs this, also adding in the video card you'd need for 6 displays

ya PC part picker is probably missing a lot so look around, there's a Phillips 40" one here for $700

Another Korean display here, the catch seems to be that it only supports HDMI 2.0, also the latency is probably sub par due to the TV tuner

good thread. ive been looking also into getting one 4k monitor for my center multi-monitor setup