Best Heat Sink for Samsung 980 PRO?

can anyone suggest to me a good Heat Sink for Samsung 980 PRO?

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You dont really need/want one on the flash just the controller as warmer flash lasts longer. Honestly you probably dont need one but I like the style of the EK ones.


AFAIK the “passive” cooling from the ambient moving air within the case is more that sufficient to cool these, not that you actually need a heatsink…

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With normal user load 100% accurate, I could see poor airflow and hard use make you need one but yeah by far not the standard use case or need.

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I also heard the chips like heat, but not so much the controller, which would mean a small heat sink like you put on a pi processor would suffice, depending on the size of the control chip.

But then it occurred to me, the sticker on NVMe drives is typically copper backed for heat sinking. The manufacturers wouldn’t bother if it served no purpose.

I guess all the gen4 drives that come with heat sinks is more of a marketing thing, like the heat sinks on RAM?


This video gives a good explanation.

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Thank you everyone for the reply, I bought the heatsink ( Jonsbo M. 2-3 M.2 SSD) and it literally cooled down my SSD FROM 55-60 degrees Celcius to 40-45.

Also, there are more cheap heat sinks available but their quality is poor.

lol RGB fans / Solid front pannels on cases
All about looks my dude

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