Best headphones?

What are the best in-ear headphones you guys have used? I'm looking into buying a pair but don't know who's a good manufacturer and who which is the best model. If you know of any good one for less than $30 please post a link or the name of the earphones.

I've been looking at these lately

For under 30 dollars youre not going to be seeing much variation, just go to best buy and get Skull Candy Earbuds or something along the line of that, they should do just fine.

Those are both as disguting as beats. Never buy mainstream consumer audio equiment. It's always shit. These are much nicer, but a little more, when it comes to audio quality there's no replacement for throwing cash, except for beats and gaming heatsets, those don't count.

I am using the klipsch earbuds mentioned above as I am typing this. I love em' and completely agree with Pip, I was given a pair of Beats a while back and they can't hold a candle to the value and quality of some of the lesser known brands.