Best Headphones under $100 for gaming and music (US)

To start off, I have Logitech G230's and Superlux HD668b w/ Zalman clip on mic. I want to upgrade my audio, but I'm going to get headphones as a present for Christmas. There is a budget of around $100. I would REALLY like it to be under $80 though. I would prefer headphones that are somewhat appealing to the eye but the sound matters most. I play Counter-Strike so I need to be able to hear footsteps. Also, I listen to rap so I need some decent bass.

Things I need
- Noticeable Bass
- Closed Back
- Comfort ( I play for hours on end )
- Something that will last

What I've been looking at
- Audio Technica ATH-M30x
- Sennheiser HD 439
- Sennheiser HD 518
- Sony MDR-V55/WHI DJ style Headphones
- Sennheiser HD 429

I've had a pair of these for almost 10 years i believe, use them everyday, still going strong. The only aging sign it shows is the crackled foam coating on the inside of the phones and where it makes contact with the top of my head.

Superlux HD-660

Amazon U.S. does not have those.

Audio Technica ATH-M40x are about 100 on amazon. Otherwise the HyperX Clouds are good. Not great, but good.

I Use these

KOSS UR40 aren't bad either

i searched for US sellers and didn't come up with anything, i did read the HD660 has been updated to the HD-662F, perhaps those are available in US

The HD 518's are open-back, not closed. Just FYI. If you're willing to go open, however, I'd recommend them for almost everything you're looking for. Good bass, comfortable, and perfect sounding for games and music. I've owned a pair for over 2 years.

Already ordered the m30x's. Thanks anyway. :)

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