Best headphones for recording with a shotgun microphone


I was just wondering what would the best headphones be to use to monitor sound coming from a shotgun microphone. These headphones will be plugged into a Zoom H1 pocket recorder and the shotgun microphone will record into the Zoom.

I need a headset that has a relatively long cable and that isn't open so when recording you can only hear what is being picked by the microphone. 

My budget would be about 50 pounds and they don't have to be noise cancelling.

I considered the Samson SR850 but they are open but I like the cable length and that they are reference so they have a natural sound.

What would you guys recommend for me?


Anything that is a closed back design should work just fine. A favorite among studio musicians is

Closed back is always your best option when recording sound, so you don't get headphone bleed into the mic.

Thanks for the quick reply, do you know of any others?

Logan listed several great options in this video -\

I have a re-branded version of the Superlux 681Semi-Open Headphones (re-branded for Presonus Audio Electronics company - who makes AMAZING high quality audio recording gear on the cheap) and I love them. I think they sound great, however they are semi-open and I never used them while recording, only for playback and sometimes for mixing - although I never recommend headphones for mixing music - studio monitors are usually better option.


And the Monoprice 108323 Premium headphones are probably very similar to the Sony's I linked. 

If I were you, I would consider getting an extension cable. That would open up your options a lot. Headphones don't tend to come with very long cables in that price bracket.

EDIT: This is an option.


Thank you