Best headphones for ~$100-$200?

I'm looking to upgrade from my Samson SR850. They are incredibly comfortable which makes them perfect gor gaming. However thay have NO bass (i'm not listening to rap 24/7 either, there is just literally none).

So does anyone know a good pair of headphones for $100-200. I will be using them for 50%gaming and 50%music. So i want them to be really comfortable for hours of gaming, and i also want them to have a good music listening experience. Over the ear is preferred, anything that makes it better to my needs.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

On ear, over ear; what shape/fit do you want?

Sorry. Don't know how I forgot to add that stuff. I edited my post. Thanks.

I highly recommend a pair of AKG 701s. They're roughly $200, but brand new, can be a bit more. It is very easy to find a used pair for $200 or less, though.

If you don't mind me asking, what will be driving the headphones?

I'll be plugging them into my Klipsch Promedia speakers. And those are plugging into my mobo audio port.

I can only speak for what I have, which are the Audio Technica ATH-M50s. They are pretty awesome. Price point: $159.99.

I don't know if you like Sennheiser or not, but I've been using my Sennheiser HD 215's for about 10 or so months now and they are great. I often forget they are on because they are really comfortable, but I do have a smaller-than-average head, but not tiny or anything. I use them 90% of the time that I spend on my computer, for both gaming and music (often at the same time)

They seem to be really hard to find in stores or even online, but maybe that's just because I'm from Canada. (Lots of U.S.A. places don't ship to where I am, and the stores around where I live are typically really limited in their selection.)

Prior to these headphones I had a (still Sennheiser) set that eventually died because the cord was "ultra thin" or whatever, I really suggest you don't get a set of headphones with a thin wire. I'm sure if I replaced it they would still be fine, I had them for over a year and the speakers themselves still sounded great.

I have the Sennheiser HD 215 headphones, they are good.

Oh, and they were ... $80ish? About that.

Anyway, I'll just post this now so I don't ramble on further.

At this budget, Sennheiser is not the way to go.

The k701s look great, and I would be willing to spend the cash for it. However, do you know any other headphones that are near the same par quality, but in my budget?

Take your pick.

I am not an audiophile by any means but isnt driving a high end set of headphones like the k701 with integrated audio kind of a waste?

Not a waste, but it does give you room to upgrade your audio equipment without upgrading your headphones.

Good point.