Best HD 7770 card?

Hi everyone,

Recently i've been looking at cards like the XFX Radeon HD7770 Double Dissipation and Core edition. The Core edition for example has one fan, while the DD has two. However, there is no difference in clock speed, exept you can overclock the DD better since it has two fans. I've also seen OC'ed models of the HD7770 like the Sapphire one with the 1100 core clock instead of the regular 1GHz. 

Which card/brand should I choose and why?

Thanks for helping me out.

 (and no, i'm not going to buy a HD7850 because it's better, I know that. It's a strict budget which only fits a HD7770)

I have the XFX R7770 GHOST OC Edition, it clocks in at 1230mhz with no voltage tweaks...


It is not audiable, and runs cool enough.