Best Haswell Processor For Streaming

Needing a better Haswell Processor for my pc which I stream from, ive got a i5-4430 which in hindsight was a bad decision, any help? I was thinking about upgrading to Haswell-E (When ive got the money, but that will be in a later date)

Try using quick sync to stream using the intel gpu, it will save you processing threads and the quality isn't bad once you configure it.

I use a 4790k @ 4.7 and it blows everything out of the water. without going to the x99 platform its the best you can do. I can stream all of my games including arma 3 and dayz with no problems. I highly recommend it as long as you can afford it. 

Was thinking about getting a h100i for overclocking in the future, these two would work well, thanks man :)