Best Haswell Cooler?

I'm running a 4770k on a sabertooth Z87 with a dark knight night hawk for a cooler (instead of stock thermal paste I have arctic silver 5). So I was wondering , what is the best/most consistent cooler for my processor? Price/size doesn't matter since my main interest is in performance. I had plans to do some overclocking however all I was able to get was 4GHz which is pretty much turbo mode but with an overclock. After running a trial of AIDA64 for about 10 mins my max temp (according to coretemp) was set at 87 on core #0, 84 on core #1, 79 on core #2, and 78 on core #3.

Thanks, Spirol


Oh and most of the time the temps per core stayed at 10-15 degrees less than their peak. Even so I'm still not very comfortable with temps above 85.

You've got a pretty nice cooler, but it sounds like you've got a crappy overclocking CPU. I can overclock my 4770k with a similar performing cooler (Phanteks 12DX) and I can push 4.5 before I get near 80degrees on a syn bench.

The only cooling method I would recommend for a serious OC on Haswell is custom watercooling. The cheapest XSPC kits are pretty inexpensive. I'd look into something like that.

Edit: What chassis do you have? Ensure you have enough airflow around your system. Check for silly things like the cooler is correctly installed.