Best hardware for the HTC Vive and Benchmark Sources

Hey everyone,

I have a customer for a custom rig, and normally I have no issues finding the right hardware for the right price, but the HTC Vive is new and somewhat different from a traditional setup. Its rather difficult to find decent benchmarks for games and things, so if you have a good source, please post it.

Anyway, my question is, what is the best current hardware for the HTC Vive? I've been looking around, and while it seems like we have some options, I would obviously want to look for what is going to give a smooth, acceptable experience. I'm finding it difficult because of the processing of each frame that seems to really drag on hardware.

Currently there is no official benchmark tool for VR. There is the Valve VR thingie:,4489.html\
You need to know, that Pascal GPUs don't like the HTC Vive pluged in the DisplayPort. You may want to include DisplayPort to HDMI adapters.
Also, explain to your customer, that he/she may need a room for VR, or at least a large space. There is not that much of a demanding game, that 290/480 upwards can't really run properly. There will be soon... But for now, there are only small more like VR proofs of concept...

The Vive doesn't appear to be compatible with ASMedia USB controllers so be careful when choosing a motherboard or include a separate USB add-in card. I'm using an Inateck 2-Port PCI-E USB 3.0 Card that doesn't require an internal power cable. It seems to be working pretty well. The ASMedia controller on my ASUS X99-Pro board had a lot of issues with maintaining tracking with the Vive and it's controllers. I believe the Rift has the same issues.

I found a couple videos that reference the VR tool. Appreciate the link, it will definitely help in testing. I'm hoping that the tests are consistent though.

Good to note, I will definitely take a look at that. I won't be able to buy a Vive myself so this is good to note.